Connecting your camera to the app.

1.  Turn on Wifi on your GoPro camera

2.  Turn on Wifi on your ipad.

4.  Connect Bluetooth headset to your ipad.  

Using the App.

1.  Launch MountNgo app. (it should recognize the camera)

2.  Select camera, you will be prompted to give the connection a friendly name (ie. Jeff's Hero Session 5)

3.  App will start in Live feed mode and is ready to accept voice command.

The following voice commands will be active whenever the app is running.  

Record  - start camera recording session.

End - stop camera recording session.

Play Last - play the last video in the list.

Previous - play the previous video in the list.

Forward - play the next video in the list.

Beginning - play the first video in the list.  

Playback - This is a toggle command.  When playing a video each time you say it it will pause/resume playback .  

Photo - snap a photo

Live Feed - return to live feed from playback

Selfie - snap a picture from the ipad’s front camera.